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  • Regulatory, Marketing, sales, Distribution for Pharma, OTC, MD, Cosmetics
  • Localized Japanese/Lao Distribution Partner in Laos
  • Regulatory, Marketing, sales, Distribution for Pharma, OTC, MD, Cosmetics
  • Localized Japanese/Cambodia Distribution Partner in Cambodia

Company Profile

AI KEN PHARMA (LAOS) Company Limited
Address Unit J4, ASEAN MALL, Phonthan Village, Xaysettha District,Vientiane Capital, Laos PDRspan
Established October 10, 2016
Capital US $ 200,000
Registration number 583211804-0-00
Business Scope Import, Sales, Marketing, Wholesale for Medicine, Medical Device, Cosmetics,
Bank Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Laos Public (BCEL Bank), Xaysettha Unit
Employee 25 people (as of July 2021)
Address #07, St.NW03, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Established August 28, 2017
Capital US $ 100,000
Registration number 00027748
Business Scope Import, Sales, Marketing, Wholesale for Medicine, Medical Device, Cosmetics,
Bank Hong Leong Bank (Cambodia) PLS, ABA Bank
Employee 15 people (as of July 2021)


今本 謙太郎 今本 謙太郎 今本 謙太郎

Hello everyone. Last year, Ai Ken Pharma Group made an entire strategic shift to specialize in Japanese-made cancer-related drugs. Due to the discontinuation of all generic products, which accounted for a large proportion of sales from our launch until 2022, sales decreased compared to the previous year in 2023, but our strategic key areas grew steadily. We have also entered into an exclusive agreement with Otsuka Pharmaceutical (Otsuka Vietnam) in Laos, and have begun selling high-quality nutritional infusions to the surgical field used in cancer surgery.

Ai Ken Pharma Laos celebrated its 7th anniversary on October 10, 2023. Starting in 2022, Laos has been hit by a currency crisis due to an unprecedented shortage of foreign currency and the resulting inflation, and the effects have continued for more than a year. Although the number of tourists has returned to a large extent and there are no longer the strong exchange rate fluctuations that existed before, we believe that it will be difficult for the economic situation to improve over the next five years or so, and we are proceeding with a strategy based on this assumption. For our business 2023, we held a grand launch event of Otsuka Pharmaceutical in May, and the product is already in use at major hospitals in Laos. We have also seen significant growth in the potent Minophagen C, which has undergone local trials for dengue patients at Mitapatp Hospital in Laos with very positive results. This content is scheduled to be presented at a special seminar of the Lao Society of Internal Medicine in February 2024. I hope that the medicines we provide will be of more help to patients in Laos.

Ai Ken Pharma Cambodia celebrated its 5th anniversary on July 14, 2023. The Cambodian economy emerged from the COVID crisis quickly and had a growth rate of around 5.5% in 2023. Although the problem of the private debt crisis has emerged, there is no serious inflation, and the new government, which was inaugurated in August, seems to be well received by the people, including its large-scale generational change. Aiming for growth that exceeds economic growth, we held the 3rd Cambodia Oncologist Seminar in May, where more than 30 Oncologists talked about Taiho Pharmaceutical TS-ONE, the new generation anti-cancer drug Lonsurf, with great presentations for patient cases. In addition, TS-ONE, Lonsurf, EA Pharma's LEVACT, and other drugs have been officially adopted at a Central Hospital already and administration to cancer patients has begun. This is the first Japanese-made drug available at the center. Sales of Minophagen C are also growing steadily, and we hope that our drug will help more Cambodian patients.

Aiken Pharma Group Strategic Portfolio
Although it feels like we have finally settled down on the major strategic changes from 2023 in just one year, we are still far from the ideal form we are aiming for, and we are continuing to work hard with our members every day. We will continue to focus all our resources on this strategic core area and grow consistently. With our trusted brand presence and attentive service that will always make you think, "There's Ai Ken Pharma in Laos and Cambodia," we will continue to serve our clients and customers for the next 10, 20, and 50 years. Ai Ken Pharma will continue to take on challenges to satisfy both customers and consumers.

Kentaro Imamoto
Founder, President and CEO
Ai Ken Pharma Group


  • Sales and Marketing for ultra-low temperature freezer, animal analysis system at Japanese trading company (Japan)
  • Brand Manager for Medical Device for Burn Unit, ER, ICU at high-level emergency center in Japan (Japan)
  • Regional Business Development Director at Regional Office (BKK) of an European Healthcare Service company (Asia 11 countries, China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan)
  • General Manager in an European Healthcare Service Company (Laos)
  • Founder, Managing Director of AI KEN PHARMA (Thailand, Laos and Cambodia)


Master of Business Administration
Diploma of Public Health – World Health Organization
Bachelor of Sociology

Brand Name of our company

Ai Ken Pharma

AI KEN PHARMA – “AI” means “Elder brother” in Laos, “Love” in Japan, and initial of Imamoto, “I”. Also, all languages can pronounce the sound of “AI”, as multinational-cultural organization. For Brand Logo, red circle means Japan, blue bridge means high quality service / technology, pink bridge means passion and affection. That’s how we support our client and customers.